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This project aimed to

  • promote constructivist teaching approaches in mathematics,
  • change the role of the teacher in the classroom,
  • make the pupils more responsible for their learning,
  • enable the pupils to understand the underlying concepts, and
  • make mathematics more meaningful and realistic and thus
  • give purpose and enjoyment in mathematics for the pupils.

We expect an outcome of these approaches to be a more positive attitude of the pupils towards mathematics.

The products include

  • a book 'Creative teaching in mathematics' (available in English and in Czech),
  • a DVD which includes the Book, additional pictures and photos, worksheets and video-recordings of mathematical topics taught in the classrooms of four European countries,
  • an outline of the course based on the Book and DVD which teacher's centres and ITT institutions could use or modify to suit their needs.

The products will be of use to teachers in primary schools, secondary mathematics teachers and teacher educators. Schools could use the m either for whole school development or take units within the Book for individual or group professional training.

The chapters of the Book have been developed by a network of tutors from four European institutions and are based on current European research including that of the partners. All materials for the products have been extensively trialled and evaluated by teachers before being incorporated into the project.

The project began in October 2003 and ended in September 2006.


Charles University Prague, The Faculty of Education
Department of Mathematics and Mathematics Education